weber.tec 932

Self-levelling and watertight floor compound

Self-levelling, water-impermeable and quick-setting floor compound for thicknesses\ 5 mm - 30 mm

Fields of application

For waterproofing and levelling floors, in particular old basement floors. It is used as bonded system on concrete, tamped concrete, cement screed, well-bonded brick floors with fixed joints. Due to its time-saving application and its quick and slow stress setting the product is ideal for renovation works under time pressure.
It forms an even, smooth and watertight surface which can be left without covering; it is resistant as wear layer withstanding light mechanical loads (typical residential uses).
For use indoors.


weber.tec 932 is a factory-mixed, cement-based, polymer-modified and fast-setting floor waterproof compound with self-levelling properties.


Special cements, mineral fillers, polymer resins, regulating additives

Main features

  • water-impermeable

  • self-levelling

  • quick-setting

  • conforms with the WTA tests for internal waterproofing systems (WTA leaflet E-4-6 "Retro-spective Waterproofing of Ground-Contacting Structures")

  • radon gas-tight in combination with weber.tec Superflex D 24

  • high abrasion resistance (AR 2.0): can be used as wear layer without covering

  • pressure-resistant

  • very low stress when hardening

  • suitable as bonded system (i.e. with primer)

  • for height compensation 5 - 30 mm

  • very economical

  • non-flammable: reaction to fire A2 fl -s1