weber.plan 813-20

Floor levelling compound for large-size tiles

Premium smoothing mortar as underlay 1 - 20 mm for demanding floor coverings

Fields of application

As self-levelling and quick-setting floor compound for levelling dimensionally stable floor substrates.

It is mainly used as bonded system by manual or mechanical application on a large variety of substrates, such as cement and calcium sulphate screeds, mastic asphalt screeds, timber planks, OSB boards, chipboards and old load-bearing ceramic tiles.
Also suited on top of heated screeds, electric underfloor heating elements and thin-layer warm water underfloor heating pipes (as bonded system).
It forms a load-bearing underlay for all common and demanding floor coverings, like ceramic tiles and factory natural stones, parquet, carpets, PVC coverings, vinyl or linoleum.
It can be used as wear layer (without surface covering) in a layer thickness ˃ 6 mm on mineral substrates in residential rooms.

Thanks to its low-stress hardening and excellent flow properties, the product can be applied in a single operation up to a layer thickness of 20 mm.

For use indoors.


weber.plan 813-20 is a dry, factory-made, cement-based and polymer-modified self-levelling floor underlay


Special cement, selected aggregates, polymers, additives

Main features

  • EMICODE EC 1 ^PLUS^: very low emission of volatile substances
  • CE marking: CT - C30 - F7
  • resistant under chair castors (in accordance with DIN 12529) in layer thickness ≥ 1 mm
  • for high-demanding floor coverings
  • ideal substrate for XXL ceramic tiles
  • also for heated floor constructions
  • easily provides absolutely smooth floor surfaces
  • high yield
  • pumpable and ergonomic application with machine technology
  • self-levelling without lap marks
  • self-venting; no spiked roller is necessary
  • crack-free and stress-free during setting
  • quickly open to foot traffic and ready for floor covering
  • can be directly used without covering in case of light mechanical loads