weber.floor 4640

Outdoor RepFlow

Flow-grade concrete repair mortar R4 and levelling compound for thicknesses from 10 - 80 mm

Fields of application

weber. floor 4640 is a combination product for renovation works of concrete floors. On one hand it can be used as reprofiling mortar or concrete replacement mortar and on the other hand as levelling compound, like yard areas, underground parking lots, warehouses and production premises For floor surfaces which are subject to damp, frost and de-icing salts as well as high mechanical loads.
Dedicated for use as wear layer on floors in warehouses and production halls with medium loads.
A subsequent application with Weber reactive-resin based coatings/paints is possible.
For indoors and outdoors.


weber. floor 4640 is a ready-mixed dry and polymer-modified floor repair mortar of class R4 according to EN 1504-3 (ʺProducts and systems for protection and repair of concrete structures/Static and non-static relevant repair worksʺ) and a floor levelling compound according to EN 13813 (ʺScreed and screed mortarsʺ).

Main features

  • CE marking: CT – C50 – F7

  • repair mortar according to EN 1504-3 (class R4)

  • floor levelling compound according to EN 13813

  • very good flow performance and fits very well mechanical application (mixing and pumping)

  • quick and economical application

  • for indoors and outdoors

  • repair mortar and floor levelling compound in one

  • high resistance to frost and de-icing salts

  • convenient as wear layer for direct use

  • fiber-reinforced

  • very high mechanical strengths

  • max. grain size 2.0 mm

  • open to water vapour