weber.ton reno AquaBalance

Silicone resin paint

Hydrophilic silicone resin facade paint with high protection against algae and fungi, without biocidal film preservation

Fields of application

weber.ton reno AquaBalance is a fully-fledged silicone resin facade paint, especially dedicated for facade repair. Its physical principle of action prevents the growth of algae, fungi and fouling in a particularly effective and environmentally friendly way. For coating old overlay renders and paints on facades. For outdoors.


weber.ton reno AquaBalance is a factory-mixed, ready-to-use facade paint based on silicone resin.


Silicone resin, organic binders, additives for better workability and adhesion to substrate, high-quality pigments, without conventional biocides for film preservation

Main features

  • without biocidal film preservation
  • balanced moisture management for a controlled hydrophilic surface, hence preventing formation of algae and fungi
  • highly permeable to water vapour
  • easy application
  • with excellent covering capacity
  • insensitive to dirt
  • solvent-free