weber.tec 932 - Waterproofing and levelling in one

Self-levelling and watertight floor compound weber.tec 932

Simple & safe:

  • fewer operations, hardly any waiting times
  • very good flow properties
  • fast-setting, short delay for over-coating

basement floor renovation in one day

weber.tec 932

Damp and uneven floors are often found in basement rooms. The purely mineral, self-levelling and watertight floor compound weber.tec 932 waterproofs and levels in just one working step. There is no need for the previous waiting time between working steps or for repeated approaches. The self-levelling and watertight floor compound is waterproof and suitable for layer thicknesses of 5 - 30 mm. Due to its optimal tension behaviour, the material has minimal demands for the substrate. It is therefore also suitable for old cement screed, tamped concrete and brick floors. Prior to application, a specific primer is applied. weber.tec 932 sets quickly and is open to foot traffic after only 3 - 5 hours. Light loads are possible after 24 hours, full loads after 7 days. The hardened watertight floor compound is resistant to pressure and abrasion and can be used directly without further treatment. The innovative floor renovation system weber.tec 932 thus provides building protection companies with a significant time saving.