weber.san 958 WTA - Rehabilitate moisture damage more quickly

Damp-proof render & plaster white, single-layer & fast weber.san 958

Working time is money:

  • high yield
  • without preliminary bondcoat
  • single layer up to 40 mm
  • fast-setting
  • saves operations and time

so that water damage does not become a permanent condition

weber.san 958 WTA is a multi-use damp-proof material for the durable restoration of damp and salt-contaminated walls; it is mainly used as plaster on internal side of basement walls below ground level, but also as render on external side of above-ground masonries (splash water area/facade socket area). The mineral render/plaster with WTA certificate supports the drying out of damp masonry thanks to its good permeability to water vapour and a high air void content.

After flood events, the need for remediation in affected regions is high, and building protection companies have to process numerous orders in a short time.

Saint-Gobain Weber has developed a plaster that saves valuable time during application. The high-yield renovation render/plaster weber.san 958 can be applied in a single layer without additional bondcoat and up to a layer thickness of 40 mm. Time-consuming waiting times between work steps are eliminated.

In addition, the renovation render/plaster sets quickly, allowing tradesmen to plan more tightly and save time during peak order periods.