Self-levelling compound for XXL formats - weber.plan 813-20

Your benefits:

  • pumpable and flowable
  • quickly walkable
  • self-levelling
  • self-venting, no spiked roller required

Ceramic industry produces ever larger
The ceramic industry has been stretching the limits of what is possible for years, producing ever larger tiles. Tile layers today are often confronted with ceramics of over 4 m² in surface area. These XXL tiles are demanding: not only do they require great skill to lay, but also very flat substrates. Saint-Gobain Weber has reacted to this and developed a new levelling compound especcially for the installation of mega formats.

Levelling compound for the installation of mega formats
The new levelling compound weber.plan 813-20 is self-levelling and thus creates top-levelled, extremely even surfaces that are ideally suited for laying of large-format tiles. The product can be applied in layer thicknesses of 1 to 20 millimeters. It is low-shrinkage and low-stress, can be walked on early and is quickly ready for covering. In addition, the applied compound is self-venting, additional processing with the spiked roller is no longer necessary.

Knee- and back-friendly working in standing position
weber.plan 813-20 is pumpable and flowable. Due to its excellent levelling properties, the levelling compound supports work in a standing position, which is easy to the knees and back. The product is offered in contemporary 20 kg bags, which also makes working more comfortable compared to heavier bags. Weber complements its existing range of leveling compounds with weber.plan 813-20.