weber.floor 4640 Outdoor RepFlow

Your benefits:

  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Repair mortar DIN EN 1504-3 R4 and levelling compound CT-C50-F7-AR1 in one
  • Very high freeze-thaw resistance

First pumpable and flowable concrete replacement mortar: Valuable problem solver for time-critical construction sites
With weber.floor 4640 Outdoor RepFlow, Saint-Gobain Weber offers the first flowable concrete replacement mortar in Germany that can be applied using modern pump technology. This means that even large areas can be applied in just a few hours - an invaluable advantage for time-critical or delayed construction projects.

The pumpable and flowable concrete replacement mortar weber.floor 4640 Outdoor RepFlow is pumped from the Weber MixMobil or silo directly to the installation field by hose. There, the highly flowable material is poured while standing and processed with a buffing bar. Compared to conventional processing, this can save up to 90 percent in time and personnel.

Also suitable for outdoor use
The product is grouped in the highest class R4 according to DIN EN 1504-3 and is thus suitable for statically relevant requirements according to European standards. The weber.floor 4640 Outdoor RepFlow is not only a high-quality concrete replacement mortar, but can also be used on concrete substrates as a levelling compbound (CT-C50-F7-AR1). It can be coated or even used directly for medium loads. Due to its high frost and de-icing salt resistance, it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

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