weber.ton reno - AquaBalance facade renders and paints

Whether new construction or renovation: Please without biocides

Definetely better:

  • effective and environmentally friendly protection against algae and fungi
  • economical due to longer renovation intervals
  • unlimited design possibilities

Thanks to an intelligent active principle, AquaBalance renders reliably protect facades from algae growth - and can do without the use of conventional biocides for film preservation. The result is convincing in every respect: effective protection against visible algae and fungal growth, significantly longer renovation intervals, health and environmental protection by dispensing with biocides, and at the same time full design freedom. Weber has been using AquaBalance technology for years in its facade renders to protect against algae and fungal growth. weber.ton reno AquaBalance now offers for the first time the possibility to use the AquaBalance effect for renovation purpose as well - without new rendering works - for painting over any old facade renders and paints. The ready-to-use coating with integrated algae protection, specially developed for renovation, is available in all common colour shades.

weber.ton reno AquaBalance is solvent-free and free of biocides such as DCMU and terbutryn.